Welcome to my "about me" page. I know it seems a little presumptious to make a web site about oneself, but this all started as a college web design assignment. But just in case you're interested, you can see pages about my Guinness World Record, my family, my hobbies, and my work on the BYU-Idaho campus.

Sorry if you get bored around these parts, but I tried to include some interesting pictures from things I've done to liven things up a bit.

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print design

I have designed print media promoting safety, organizations, candidates, companies, and organizations.

My print ad designs have been run thousands of times and have appeared across the nation.

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web design

I have studied computer information technology at BYU-Idaho extensively and currently own and operate a web design business.

My web sites have been viewed thousands of times by people across the world and highlight a variety of subjects.

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  • Outdoors
  • Fishing, hunting, scouting, shooting, camping
  • Family
  • I have a wife and a baby on the way
  • BYU-I Involvement
  • I've worked in many capacities
  • Random
  • I broke a Guinness World Record in 2007
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